Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm a Bit Psychic

Let's just say that there is a bit of a trend lately, where I have insight into people's lives. My accuracy rate is questionable, my methods are sketchy and my contacts are non-existent. However, something must be going on for me to have predicted a pregnancy, two reunions and a few other minor life events in the lives of people I don't see on a regular basis.

It may be a fluke, it may be due to obvious signs that anyone could have picked up on. I don't know. Right now, I'm feeling a bit like Daphne Moon--'a bit psychic'.

Please feel free to step up; I'll try to peek into your future life and give you all kinds of good news*.

*Please do not ask me to disclose possible Christmas/Eid/other holiday gifts you may be receiving. Someone put a lot of thought into getting that gift for you and they want to see the look of joy when you open the package and see that Wii/Ps3 gizmo. Unless they didn't think much at all and just regifted the hideous singing bass they got from someone else last year. In that case, I don't want to ruin your friendship by telling you about future disappointments.


Alex the Odd said...

The words "a bit psychic" are like catnip to me... obviously "utter belief in science, no real mysteries in the universe that can't be rationally explained, blah, blah blah..." but despite all that I still hold on to my thirteen-year-old notion that fortune telling is cool.

Will they take away my science geek credentials for that?

Boo said...

i concur, doctor, you are a bit psychic lately. :) did you happen to predict the younger Spears girl's pregnancy? because that would be awesome...

girl with curious hair said...

Alex--your interest in psychics doesn't diminish your science cred at all. I have even won over M--who is a VERY skeptical scientist. (Although, I'm he may just be humoring me bcz he loves me).

Boo--I try not to think of any member of the Spears family if I can help it. But unlike the genius herself, I'm not exactly 'shocked' that sex could lead to pregnancy.

Manny said...

Ooh! Me first! Will I get an offer from either of the county jobs I interviewed for last week??

Manda said...

Hey, we could take this act on the road! I worked as a palm reader in college. No seriously, I can read palms.

So any tingling feelings about when my newly married, baby-craving friends are going to pop one out?

TK said...

Will I get a pony for Christmas?


Will I?

girl with curious hair said...

Manny: If you don't get an offer, it only shows your County is as smart as a bowl of citrus.

Manda: I love the idea of taking this show on the road--preferably somewhere in Europe. I will learn how to read Turkish coffee as a back up. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about the arrival of your friends future offspring. (I usually need to see/talk to people at least once).

TK: Mrs. TK actually thought of bringing home a three legged pony, but was afraid you would be disappointed that it only does one trick.