Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Favorite Scientist

The results of the last few years of my husband's work has just been accepted by a scientific journal. After MANY months of writing, editing, submitting (re-submitting), waiting and hand-wringing, the paper has been approved.

I don't write about him often--he's much more private and shy than I am--but every once in a while I want to run around and tell the world he's brilliant. I have had the opportunity to work with and meet many, many scientists in my past career and now through his work. One of things I love so much about him is his attention to detail, precision and sense of ethics. He will not cut corners or accept shortcuts in his work--something that has pitted less diligent co-workers against him and made his work more difficult.

Today though, is a victory for him. He is first author on a published project that he designed and mostly executed.

I wish my favorite scientist all the success and recognition in the world.


Alex the Odd said...

Awww congrats to the hubby! First published paper is a serious reason to celebrate and I hope the two of you are doing just that!

The closest I'm ever going to get to that is an acknowledgement and some proof reading duties ;)

Naomi said...

Thats pretty awesome, let me say.
Here's to the hubby.

Anonymous said...

Pop that cork and party! Make him that awesome apple cake!

Jayne said...

that is wonderful!! I know what that pride feels like... you just want to shout to the world, don't you?!! :)

that really is quite an accomplishment, and you two are very lucky to have each other. congratulations!

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Alex: it is a huge accomplishment, especially considering what goes on behind the scenes each time. You may have escaped the crazies on this one.

Naomi: Thank you!

Manda: Can you believe that's what he keeps asking for?

Jayne: I am pretty proud of his accomplishments. And since he rarely talks about them, I have to spread the word.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Please forward him my congrats, as well - I know that shit's a pain in the ass and it must feel great to have that monkey off his back!

But apple cake? C'mon, he's a scientist! No matter HOW cool he is, he's still a nerd by definition. As such, chances are he'd prefer tickets to comicon.

Hell, just look at Manny! He's a nerd and you know whre HIS preferences lie (after farm animals, of course). Yet again, Manny has never been published in anything but a police blotter, so I could be wrong.

Wow, that congrats devolved rather quickly into a smackdown on Manny, huh? Oh well ...

Ms. Jewess said...

I myself am married to a former engineer (which I'm sure is considered like the ugly stepsister in the scientific community) so I relate oh too well to this post. Congrats!