Friday, August 21, 2009

Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts: Bad Influence

Just when I thought I had run out of places to ache, I have found a couple of new ones. Right before a concert I have been looking forward to for months. If only this were a body slamming kind of event, it would all balance out and possibly make me feel better.

Also, it seems that during our time together today, I have taught my grandmother a new word in English.

"What is that word you keep saying?"
"Which one?"

It seems I'm a bad influence on the elderly.


Lainey said...

It tickles me to no end that you're teaching your grandmother cuss words! And not just any cuss word - the BEST one!

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Oh, Lainey. The woman is deaf as a post. I'll sit next to her and yell and she can't hear me. I mutter a few unusual words through the day and THAT is what she hears. Of course, I lied and told her she heard wrong.