Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just a Few Things Off the Top of My Head

So much has happened since my last real post, and thoughts and moments have come and gone. Rather than backtrack, I'm going to write about a whole bunch of stuff that may in no way be connected or related to each other:

  • I love writing. Desperately and passionately. I realize I may be a trite and unoriginal writer (if you think so, please don't tell me because I will have to hate you for the rest of our lives), but I truly derive joy from it. I have missed writing so much, that all this time I haven't been posting here (yes, the whole month or so), I have been thinking of things that I will write as soon as I have access to a non-work computer. I'm thinking of compiling an anthology of short stories by Iranian women who have immigrated. I'm also thinking of writing a collection of stories with the help of Anonymous Prankster about some of the more entertaining personalities who have crossed our paths (if I have had to endure their company, I think I should at least have a shot at financial gain for my pain and suffering).
  • Turd Blossom is leaving. Yay!! Of course, we will be left with the stench of said Turd for many years to come; but for now, I rejoice in the fact that the steaming heap is being removed.
  • We saw Bourne Ultimatum and we loved it--love love love. I was excited after reading the review on Pajiba--but the movie was brilliant. Especially if you take into account that I don't like action movies. I am looking for a good opportunity to beat someone up with a book. Perhaps someone who attacks my family/friends and my lifestyle while enjoying my hospitality?
  • How does one smoothly mention that one doesn't drink? Especially if a date has been set to share drinks and exchange stories with some charming people? I'm sure there are a number of dignified and intelligent ways of mentioning it, or just allowing it to be a non-issue. I personally like to blurt it out in the middle of completely unrelated conversations in hopes it will be out there, but largely unnoticed.
  • In a sudden burst of insanity, I'm thinking of cutting my hair very short again. The current bob is nice, but slightly boring-- at least when it is behaving. Left to its own nature, it's all kinds of kinky. The problem is, I have a wedding coming up and I don't want to have a questionable haircut for my good friend's special day. I have been waiting for this event since we were in college and I would prefer not to look like I was going through my annual mid-life crisis the day before the wedding. What to do, what to do?
  • What am I missing when it comes to men and cars?
  • Hug a scientist--chances are they're not only brilliant, but they are hilariously funny, loving and supportive as well.
  • I have a brain crush on Reza Aslan and Joshua Rushing. I have a brain crush on a lot of people, but I'm reading their books right now and am quite happy.
  • A little while ago, I read about Condi Rice going on a tour of the Middle East touting the 'aid package' that would help unite allies, etc. etc. My ears perked up just a little, until I realized that it was a MILITARY AID PACKAGE, meant to unite allies against Iran. Now, is it just me, or is it just a little crazy to arm the Saudi/Gulf and Egyptian governments--all of whom are distinctly anti-democratic human rights violators and encouragers of terrorists everywhere. I mean, of the people who attacked us on Sept. 11, none were Iranians; but quite a few were Saudis and Egyptians. Osama Bin Laden is/was a Saudi; his sidekick is Egyptian. And aside from the most recent official beneficiaries of our generosity, don't we have a pretty crappy track record of distributing arms to people in the Middle East? I mean, we did somehow manage to lose tons of money and hundreds of thousands of arms in Iraq, a country allegedly crawling with terrorists, didn't we? If we seriously worried about people from these countries attacking us, should we be giving them the money and equipment to attack us with more efficiently?
So, that's about it about the random stuff. Yay! I'm back.


TK said...

Couple of things:
1. You are neither trite nor unoriginal. In fact, I find your writing to flow rather well, and it's a joy to read. Which is why I'm glad you're back on the horse. And the piece that came after this was stunning.

2. Bourne rocked. I loved it too.

3. Drinking - no big deal. My wife, while not a "non-drinker", does not drink alcohol often, and frequently when we go out, she doesn't imbibe. People probably care less than you'd suspect.

4. Don't cut your hair short. That's just overall advice for women everywhere.

5. Don't ask me, my car's a piece of shit.

6. I hug a scientist daily. My wife was a biochem major, worked for years as a Scientist (capital "S") before going to vet school. And she is indeed all of those things you listed.

Good to have you back.

Modern Feminist said...

Cut your hair! Super short spikey hair on ladies is the best!

Also I have a very definite crush on Reza Aslan. I read No God but God last summer and then would occasionally see him being extremely witty and intelligent on Anderson Cooper or the Daily Show. Love!

girl with curious hair said...

modern feminist--my hair used to be spiky short. I liked it, but eventually grew tired of the fact that I had to style it all the time--there were no natural hair days. And if you have read my previous posts, you know that is almost a recipe for disaster.

When RA was on the Daily Show, I was gleeful. Reza and Jon bantering--brilliant!