Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nu Rooz Is Coming

I can see how those of you who have read my reaction to Christmas and Valentine's Day may think I hate holidays. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love holidays. I just don't like the crazy commercial/Hallmark aspect of the holidays.

But now, there is a holiday looming that I love, despite myself: Nu Rooz, or the Persian New Year. It coincides with the first day of Spring and we celebrate for 13 days. We specifically celebrate the outgoing year (the last Wednesday of the old year), the first day of the New Year and the thirteenth day of the New Year with a picnic. In Iran, it is the most beautiful time of the year. Everything is coming back to life, the city smells young and fresh and every home is sparkling from the monthly spring cleaning efforts of every woman in the country (with much help from the small armies they call up just for the season). People of every economic and religious background celebrate by visiting each other, traveling and of course cooking and eating. We prepare traditional dishes, wear new clothes and spend days gleefully celebrating family, friends and life. And there are occasional gift exchanges, usually crisp new bills from grandparents that most kids would hide in their rooms.

In my family growing up, this time has unfortunately been spent stressing about everything being picture perfect. So much so that the 'celebration' kind of falls to the wayside. Despite this, I remain optimistic and still love the concept.

This year, I have not started my spring cleaning. I have not prepared my traditional sprouts, nor have I purchased my hyacinths yet. I'm running a bit behind. But I'm still excited.

Yay, Spring!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You not cleaning??? The end of the world is coming!!! If I was there I’d help, but unfortunately for you, my wonderful window washing skills are 3000 miles away. I’m also extremely surprised that you like holidays. Who knew?

girl with curious hair said...

Sadly, your wonderful window-washing skills are an exaggerated myth. But if you would like to prove me wrong, please come back in time for the weekend and we'll put those skills to the test. You will be rewarded by a year of clear vision and a traditional Nu Rooz meal.

And of course I like holidays. What do I look like? A Grinch?

Anonymous said...

I would like to clarify that I can indeed wash windows. I happen to do it well. I will gladly come back only if you're willing to explain to my mother on why it is so important for me to miss ANOTHER five days of school.

You may not look like the Grinch, but you sure can give looks like one.

RP said...

So what would a handsome little dude wear to Nu Rooz? :)


Manda said...

Nu Rooz sounds lovely. Even the cleaning part sounds refreshing. I think should adopt it and start celebrating it (like I do Chinese New Year, Diwali, and Bastille Day).

Good to know that Americans aren't the only ones who the overwhelming obsession to ensure all family gatherings at holidays are "perfect".

Thanks again for the well wishes. It means a lot.

girl with curious hair said...

Anonymous: It is called 'The Look of Death'. Don't make me use it.

RP: That is one handsome little dude--I think he looks like his dad. I think he wants to come and visit me. (And how did you find me?)

Manda: I'll post pictures and stories--I think you'd like Nu Rooz. And frankly, I like celebrating Chinese New Year, etc too. I'll be bugging you shortly about your results.

Boo said...

Wait, is it March 20th or 21st? Because if it is the 21st, then that is awesome, because that is my berfday. Boo's Nu Rooz!!! :) That has a really nice ring.

Don't you love how I come on your blog and make it all about me? What can I say; it's a talent.

girl with curious hair said...

Boo: How about we call it BOO Rooz (Boo's Day)? Happy Birthday to you and me! I can't believe we share a birthday! How are you going to celebrate? And it is all about you--where ever you go, the spotlight follows you.

Regarding the 20th-21st: the New Year sometime falls on the 21st, but usually on the 20th. It is not a stroke of midnight deal.

Boo said...

omigod, we are BIRTHDAY TWINS!!!

I think I'm going to treat myself to a spa day. :) Hubs not allowed!!

How are you celebrating?