Sunday, February 3, 2008

This Bizarre Valentine

These past couple of days, I realized there are some truly bizarre things that are marketed to people for Valentine's Day. Things like 7' gorillas that will be delivered to your girlfriend's doorstep; pajamas that say just how much you like to snuggle with that special someone; chocolates in exotic flavors that you can buy for just $9.99 at CVS; or a romantic dinner for two at your favorite neighborhood Chili's. All those special gestures that show how much you care for that special someone in your life.

I dislike the idea that less than two short months after the shopping bonanza of Christmas, people need to be reminded that they should tell their significant other that they love them. Why? Don't we remember to say 'I love you' if we don't see red and pink signs EVERYWHERE? Is there ever a need for a 7' gorilla in the room? But still, I figured that just because I don't appreciate these things doesn't mean that someone else doesn't. And if these things bring a little bit of happiness to someone, who am I to play the cynic* and say they have fallen prey to marketing tricks?

But there are times that people take things too far. I mean, how on earth can you advertise a show about a brothel and its sleazy clients--with its season premier on Valentine's Day? Maybe I'm not getting the romantic angle here. Do you talk your girlfriend into staying home and watching a bunch of women soliciting men? Is this supposed to give her any ideas? Are these the kind of ideas your girlfriend should be getting?

I think I'm offended.

(*I just want to say that I don't hate holidays. I love holidays. I don't like my senses being assaulted and told that I must buy tacky gifts to prove that I love/care/think about people. My mom does a perfectly good job of that, thankyouverymuch).


Anonymous said...

hahaha, you are so funny - i know exactly what you mean. my boyfriend and i celebrate festivus (taken from seinfeld) so we dont have to give into all of the valentines crap. it is a lot more fun to just dress up and make fools out of ourselves mocking the people who celebrate valentines. :)

Manny said...

Here here, sister! I'm proposing an all out boycott of Valentine's day and the mass marketing of manufactured sentiment it represents!

(How much was the dinner special at Chili's?)

PocaCosa said...

Just wanted to say hi, that I found your blog while Googling other unrelated things, and that I love how you write!