Sunday, February 24, 2008

Am I the Only One?

I was working and watching the Oscars in the background. I haven't seen to many of the movies that were nominated this year, but was thrilled that Atonement won best score. Never has a typewriter been so musical.

One thing I noticed was that all of the winning actors were foreigners. French, Scottish, Spanish and British. I thought that was really cool.

After the show was over, Barbara Walters had her special with a bizarre mix of people. I won't even comment on her guests, but I just realized--that woman is crazy. She's just nuts. I have never been a fan--but tonight she seemed seriously deranged. The look on Ellen Page's face throughout the interview was classic. Frankly, after seeing bits and pieces of the red carpet coverage, and Barbara Waawaa's special, I'm pretty sure all of these entertainment hosts are the dumbest people on the planet. Why is she supposed to be this great interviewer again?


Jayne said...

so I thought of you after I finally saw Atonement yesterday afternoon (it was the last major nominee on my list, and I had read the book so I put it off...)

I found that I cried at the exact two places during the story in the movie as I had during the book. I'm glad it didn't win best picture because i felt that the genius in the movie was actually owed to the genius of Ian McEwen's story and descriptions. Everything and everyone looked exactly as I'd imagined them.

but yes, the music was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

No no no; Waawaa used to be a "great" interviewer, but that was always up for debate, even in her "prime"time. heh.

I think she is sucking on the Disney dick, just like the Oscars. Did you notice the Disney-esque theme? Two songs from Enchanted were nominated!! TWO!!! They were horrible, even for musicals. (full disclosure: I love musicals.) I was really pleased that the creators of Once won. That soundtrack, by the way, is beautiful.