Monday, February 4, 2008

Atone for Your Sins

I am going to see Atonement this week, and felt I had to read the book before I saw the movie. So I spent a good part of the weekend not doing the millions of things I needed to get done, and reading the book instead. I was so shocked at the ending, I had to re-read the last 40 pages or so to make sure I understood. Shocked! Shocked I tell you! I want to talk about the book with someone, anyone but fear that they will either roll their eyes and imply I'm crazy (psha) or yell at me for ruining the ending. Either way, I have Atonement on the brain and can only rest easy after I have seen the movie. Maybe.

Which made me think of a few things:
  • Books are incredibly addictive for me. I just can't put the damned things down. I practically drown in them. I give up cooking so I can continue reading. Which is the real reason I had to stop reading for a while. I could easily lose my job because of my reading habit. As it is, I am sneaking reading sessions in between phone calls and meetings. That can't be good.
  • Any Man Booker Prize books that I have read so far, I have loved. So far, I've read about half a dozen books (out of forty). I think I need to address that situation immediately.
  • I need to go to the library more often. As it is, I walked away with a box of free books that were sitting there begging for a new home. Next thing you know, I'll get paid for reading. Weeeee! (Seriously, is there a job that will pay me to read books?)
That's it for now. Thankfully, I returned Atonement and can't rehash and re-read it. I am moving on. I have now borrowed Enduring Love by the same author. See, I'm expanding my horizons.


Alex the Odd said...

I have read so few booker prize winners. I'm ashamed of myself.

Atonement is in my (now only twenty eight books high) "to be read" pile. Enduring Love is fabulous though, as is On Chesil Beach.

Reading kicks ass.

Anonymous said...

i worked at border's books for a summer, and realized i was spending more than i was making on books i saw there. it was good bc i was essentially being paid to read, you have to recommend books, and tell people about them, but it is not a good idea to work there if you have a book addiction.

Anonymous said...

Ah jeez, please don't give me an excuse to buy yet ANOTHER book. There are people who buy clothes or shoes and then never wear them. I'm that way about books. There are unread volumes all about my house.

But I'm not sure if I want to read the book first or see the movie.

After seeing No Country For Old Men twice, I reeeally want to read the book. Especially if the language in the book is just as beautiful as the film's dialogue.

girl with curious hair said...

Alex--I'll bite my tongue and not ramble about Atonement--unless you really, really want me to.

Ex-Tex--I almost went hungry when I worked at a bookstore, and University bookstore at that. I was pretty much buying/reading everything required by the English Dept.

Manda--See the movie first; it looks so beautiful. Daniel wrote such a great review of it. Also, I give away most of my books after I read them; leaving me with a bookshelf of books I haven't read yet.

sid said...

Okay now I have to read the book. Oh who am I kidding I'll probably just watch the movie.