Sunday, April 13, 2008


One of my co-workers has this crazy theory (which for the record couldn't be more absurd): my curly hair days are days when I'm 'scary' and people shouldn't mess with me and that the days that I straighten my hair people can get away with pretty much anything because I will be 'nice'. I have already disproven his theory, most recently on Thursday when he kept stalling when we were picking up some items for our office lunch. It was a curly hair day, and he is still alive. The theory is bunk.

But I must say sometimes my niceness is tempted.

On Friday, I stopped by Costco after work to pick up some things and in the shampoo/lotion/razor aisle, I saw a woman inspecting a giant container of shampoo. I couldn't help myself and said, "I use that--it's actually pretty good.", at which point I realized she's staring at my head, with her mouth wide open. It seems seeing my hair in its naturally curly glory couldn't scare a woman more. She slowly put the shampoo down and started backing away from me.

Sadly, I think I will never be a good hair model.


Anonymous said...

Shame! All this curly-haired bias. It's utterly reprehensible.

sid said...

LOL! When I don't straighten my hair I so afraid of looking in the mirror. I know that I will not be pleased by what I see.

Anonymous said...

I am a staunch supporter of curly hair.

Let it be! Wild and free!

PocaCosa said...

The cultural symbolism of curly hair is quite amazing. Linked to race, definitely, but even beyond that... I've had conversations with my best friend (she and I both have naturally curly hair) about how it's impossible to meet a curly-haired girl who isn't considered "sassy," unless she's, like completely quiet all the time, or something.