Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Remember your senior year in high school or your senior year in college? How you were just aching to be done with school and move on to bigger and better things? Completely oblivious to the fact that those were probably the most carefree days of your life? Or how you were just DONE with the school routine?

Yeah. That's where I am.

I finished college and said, I'd never go back to school again. I started researching graduate programs about four months after I graduated.

I was stuck in the middle of my graduate program that had mutated evolved into a long distance program and decided what I needed was a project management certificate. Why? Because I'm crazy like that and go through education withdrawals. So I started the Certificate program with my manager/company's blessing (also, with the promise that starting the classes would result in a promotion). The promotion took two years, three and a half different managers and a fit of disapproval by moi to accomplish. The classes in turn were occasionally canceled, not approved/paid for by my company and skipped because of other commitments.

As of last night, I have started my very last class. It will last five more weeks, and then I'm done. Until then, I will be slightly cranky every Tuesday night as I sit in class trying to bite my tongue and not tell a particular classmate that he is slightly insane.

And then, I'll be done and will never register for another class. Ever.

(Or until I hear of something else really, really tempting.)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you just LOVE your edumacation. You do realize that if you don't have anymore classes, you'll have time for yourself? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain on the promotion and a company not following through with financial commitments; especially when it comes to continuing education.

That is why I am striving to find a high-paying job that takes little brain power at which I never have to learn anything ever again.

Oh yeah: never say never.

Also: Goonies never say die.

In addition: why are anonymous commenters so, well, creepy? And judgmental? Just a thought.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Boo, sometimes I'm sure we are more than birthday twins. I too want a high-paying job that takes little brain power and doesn't require more information acquisition. Although, I must say, the whole project manager thing appealed to me because it fit in with my desperate need to organize and fix things. And I have learned the hard way to never say never.

And about this particular Anonymous commenter--she's my young friend who thinks I'm always doing too much.

Farty Girl said...

school is inevitable. it's the only way to make money. which is stupid, because we all hate it, and how often do we really feel like we are prepared for bigger and better things when we get out? i'm saying this, and i'm a teacher! sometimes i think that all we really learn is how to communicate with each other, insane people, and even more insane teachers.