Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Living in the Now

I'm alive to see a moment that has left me speechless. I'm a crying puddle of pride, emotion and hope. There will be plenty of other people more eloquent than me with much more at stake and stronger claims to this moment. But as an American and a citizen of the world, a world broken by years of gleeful ignorance, arrogance and cruelty--this is a moment I feel is burnished into my heart and soul.

This could not happen in any other country in the world. This could not happen at a more crucial moment in our history and identities.

I am grateful, joyous and full of love for my country and fellow countrymen.


Anonymous said...

this world is again a place to live. I don't know why do I m so happy. But I am. I am also proud of the people.


A Bowl Of Stupid said...


I'm proud to be an American again!!

lordhelmet said...

Way to go America!

Girl With Curious Hair said...

/B: Now you have NO excuse. I expect to see you here very soon. I will even make you fesenjoon.

Matt: I can't tell, are you excited?

LordHelmet: Way to go indeed. We are awesome.

Nate said...

Check out today's shirt, you'll recognize the title.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Nate: That shirt totally made me smile. Too bad they ran out.

Anonymous said...

it was a fantastic thing, but it could happen in another country in the world. better things happen in other countries all the time and half of your country is still a hateful mess.

please don't let your well-deserved pride in your country turn into american arrogance and blindness. that's kind of what got you into this shit in the first place.