Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wish You Were There

Sadly, I am not photogenic--mostly because cameras have a tendency to capture me as I am. Over the years, this has caused me to avoid taking pictures and losing opportunities to document some incredibly happy moments and experiences. Left to my own devices, I don't even take a camera with me to typically camera-worthy events. Lucky for me, during my race weekend I had my husband, my brother and best friend (Tall Lanky Guy) with me--and all three are pretty good photographers. M was sweet enough to compile some of the pictures and video clips to make a slide show-video of our weekend.

The bad news is, I am still not photogenic. The good news is, I was so ridiculously happy that I was not too bothered by that minor fact.

I wish you were there to see and hear everything I did. The best I can do is share M's perspective with you.


lordhelmet said...

And thanks for sharing! Great soundtrack, I love how the whole atmosphere was captured, and just the sheer number of people fighting together to end this disease was incredibly touching. Congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

-You looked great.
-It was amazing that you could smile after 13 miles running.
-you did the work. Why M took so many pics of Amin???????
-You looked great.


Anonymous said...




Marra Alane said...

Bitch, please. You looked fantastic, even after eighty bajillion miles of road (or, you know, however long the race was). Congratulations!