Friday, June 22, 2007

Non-entertaining Crap All Night Long

So it's that time of the month. No, not that time of the month! The time of the month where I sit by the mountain of bills (not including those we receive electronically) and grudgingly try to pay them all. Nothing makes me less amiable than paying bills after a 'pleasant' day at work.

As I was completing this dreaded task, I was watching re-runs of The Office (which I LOVE, if only because someone seems to know what my office is like) and half paying attention to promos of upcoming shows and new programs. I have concluded that whoever is in charge of Prime Time scheduling at NBC must be a little woo-hoo. Why am I so judgmental? Because of shows like Singing Bee, Deal or No Deal, America's Got Talent, The Real Wedding Crashers and Age of Love. I only saw ads for Singing Bee and America's Got Talent on this particular occasion, however the whole genre of crazy people doing stupid things just to be on television is getting really, really annoying.

First, we have a whole collection of people with no original ideas or talent throwing up--I mean throwing together--programs that copy each other down to the bitchy judge with a British accent and crazy alcoholic. I just don't understand what kind of crazy person would think David Hasselhoff is a good judge of talent. Someone please explain that to me.

Second, we have an array of crazy people who just want to be on television. Everyone knows they don't belong on a big public stage, but they jump on and make fools of themselves anyway. People, that is what the internet is for! If you absolutely must have attention, start a blog or open a MySpace account. Post stupid pictures or try to be anonymous if you must--don't go on national television. After your fifteen minutes are up, you're still going to be the crazy person--but now everyone with a television knows it.

Third, have we sunken so low that we can't find people to write something funny--even slapstick funny--and have to resort to bringing a bunch of people on a stage and mocking them? How many well written shows are left out there? I realize some of the shows I watch are truly crappy, but Deal or No Deal?! Why? How many times does the bald guy have point to girls in short, shiny dresses and whip people up in a frenzy to make bad decisions? Doesn't it get tired after like, 5 minutes?

In conclusion, I'd like to say please visit your library or local bookstore. There are some great books out there. Heck, rent a few movies and have a movie marathon with a theme. There's nothing on TV that won't scare the daylights out of you on any given night.


TK said...

God, you couldn't be more right about TV... other than baseball, there is literally nothing that I watch on right now. I used to watch The Wire, on HBO, but now I just wait and buy the DVD's. It's an amazing show, by the way. Highly recommended. But that's it.

TV just plain sucks.

Anonymous said...

still, I have to confess that every year I'm looking forward to the first few episodes of American Idol...always reminds me of "The Bomb Party" of Graham Greene! don't know why!