Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mood: Overcast, Slight Chance of Showers

So if you happen to have read my ramblings lately, you will know that there has been a slightly dark cloud of pessimism over everything I say and write. I'm not sure why, but every once in a while, I'll go through spells where I set aside the sunny, cheery side of my personality and let the pessimist in me run rampant.

Of course, these bouts are always triggered by real life events that justify panic, frustration and overall freak-outedness every once in a while. Or so I'd like to think.

Most recently, the news and world events have just been driving me crazy. I always read the news, political blogs, etc. but every once in a while, there seems to be a perfect storm that makes me run around like my Curious Hair is on fire. And it's not always the big and obvious news events. Recently, I read about a newborn who had survived being buried alive in India--BY HER GRANDFATHER. Why? Because she was a girl, and he couldn't afford the daughters he had, much less a granddaughter who would just become another burden. Honestly, after reading that article in the morning, I burst into tears as I was getting ready for work. And there's everything else, the obvious stuff that drives everyone crazy. Add to this, the anxiety of another friend being diagnosed with cancer (third in less than two years); unsatisfying, dead-end job; crazy family stuff...It just makes me want to get on a little internet soapbox and bitch about everything.

Unfortunately I have no solutions, and this feeling of powerlessness and anxiety stresses me out even more. I am just capable enough of seeing all of this and recognizing how horribly wrong everything is. I can't think of any effective responses at all.

So I guess that's what I've been doing lately. The good news is, the clouds seem to be clearing a bit--in my mind at least. I'll be back to my goofy self soon.

Thanks for your patience. If you have any ideas of how to stop the insanity that seems to be taking over the world, please comment.


TK said...

how to stop the insanity that seems to be taking over the world.

Find a puppy. Pick it up. Smell it's breath. Let it lick your nose. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sure, it's a short term solution, but (assuming you like puppies) it works wonders periodically.

Other than that... well, you're at one of those "everything, all at once" times. The clouds will break eventually. Good luck, and chin up, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

I love the way world is going these days. a thousand years ago we wouldn't even hear about all these wars and epidemia and genocides and...simply because there was no media. Now we hear more about it and I feel human beings are becoming more compassionate, educated and more aware after all...remember the " life is beautiful" there is beauty in everything. good luck.

Ron said...

I think the life is not beautiful as the previous one is suggesting. I think the power of media was less but also the power of military was not comparable. If you count the number of genocide in our current century is already more than the previous century. Peace for all. Ron

Anonymous said...

peace for you too, but I wonder where you get your information about genocides. a century ago our grandparents were happily farming in Idaho, not knowing that places like Peru,Armenia and Cambodia or china existed.killing native Americans was not considered genocide either. nowadays, due to the power of media those places have come to existence... I suggest you do a bit googling about the number of genocides or simply look at human security report. peace.

girl with curious hair said...

tk: I love puppies--not their breath--but they're just cute to play with and hug.

Anonymous: I agree and disagree with you. Our values have changed, as well as the amount of information that is available about what is going on in the world. The media overwhelms us, but now we know. What was not recognized as genocide before, has a name--but it was still genocide when it happened. Today we just have different values that reject the killing of people for their lands (most of the times). That child's live burial would have been a non-event in the not-too-distant past. But today, it is hard to see the beauty in life when we see/read about such things.

Ron: Perhaps the power of the media has helped change those values to some degree and bring awareness to the egregious military excesses.

Peace upon all.

Manny said...

I have to agree with TK. A dog is a wonderful idea. But if you tell him I agreed with him, I will deny it and fry your computer.

If the dog doesn't work, then obscene amounts of illegal drugs usually does the trick...or so I've heard.