Monday, July 2, 2007

Us vs. Them

It seems other countries handle their political scandals differently than we do. While we bestow Medals of Freedom to people who generally turn everything they touch to shit; brag about how well appointees are doing, even after they let cities drown while they pick out their wardrobe; and decide to commute sentences of federally convicted criminals, other countries deal with their idiots and incompetents differently.

In Japan for example, when their parliament and cabinet members say stupid things or conduct themselves less than ethically, they are shown the door and their resignations are accepted. Some even commit suicide for bringing such shame to their families. Not that I'm advocating suicide for all politicians' criminal activities--there would be too many funerals in DC and not enough people to attend them. But I really thing we should stop with the bragging and rewards--it's just unseemly.


TK said...

The other irony, of course, is that in most other countries when a politician cheats on his/her spouse, or uses a dirty word, no one cares. Because in other countries they're actually worried about a politician's policies and decisions, not their private life.

God, the USA is infuriating sometimes.

girl with curious hair said...

That's because people in this country have manners. Except for Dick Cheney, who feels it his right to tell people to fuck themselves whenever they look at him funny. But that's ok, because he's a Dick.

Politics would be much more entertaining in this country if it weren't infuriating.