Sunday, January 6, 2008

Can You Be Like Him?

While my father was here, were talked about all kinds of things. Career (or lack there of), my potential (untapped), Iranians (with careers and tapped potential)--more or less the same thing my parents and I always talk about. This is a paraphrasing of one recent conversation:

Dad: "You know that Iranian comedian? The funny one?"
Me: "Omid Djalili? Maz Jobrani?"
Dad: "No, the bald one. The funny one that has a TV show."
Me: "They're both bald, Baba. And they both have had TV shows."

I log onto my Myspace page and bring up Maz Jobrani's page, complete with a picture of his rather large, bald head.

Dad: "Yeah, that's him. Can you be like him?"
Me: "You want me to be bald with a visible goatee?"
Dad: "I meant with a job that shows your talents."

I pulled up a YouTube clip of Jobrani doing a belly dance to "Happy Birthday", as he stripped down to his underwear.

Me: "Like this?"
Dad: "That's not funny (as he tried not to laugh). Never mind. Maybe you can do something else instead."


Manny said...

Heh. BTW I'll now be posting on Burt Reynold's Mustache on the 22nd of each month. Yay me!

girl with curious hair said...

Yay you, indeed! TK on the 21st, you on the 22nd. I may have to check that site out more regularly after all.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! you mean, that wouldn't show off your considerable talents?? d'oh.

The Ex said...

HA! Actually that's a very funny clip! I think you should do it.

Jayne said...

go for it! I'd watch you belly dance!

Anonymous said...

Lawdy. That's all I can say.

Belly dance. Happy Birthday. Stripping to underwear.


girl with curious hair said...

Boo: 'considerable talents' indeed.

Ex: I've been thinking of adding belly dancing to my non-existent talents. This may be the perfect time.

Jayne: You have no idea what you would suffer through.

Manda: It's like a trifecta of some kind.