Thursday, January 10, 2008

Return of the Bookworm

There are two kinds of people: leaders and the followers. I'm a little bit of a hybrid --I'm a loud follower when I realize someone is already leading. And trust me, there are plenty of smart people leading right now. Ex-smokers, re-runners and feminizers.

So I thought I would commit to the blogosphere some of the plans and thoughts I have in mind for 2008. Especially since I have encouraged a certain young lady to do the same a while ago:
  • Read more books: I was once a devout (book) reader. Then I started working and vegetating in front of the television after work. I miss reading books and hanging out at libraries. I almost called in sick during my lunch hour on Monday when I went to the library--it was kind of hard tearing myself away. Which brings me to:
  • Cancel Cable: Between my slightly addictive personality and boredom/exhaustion, I get hooked on too many shows, too easily. Even when I hate shows, I'll watch them and analyze exactly why I hate them. My best example? Sex in the City, a program I loathe, yet watch repeatedly to see what it is that I'm missing. Plus, TimeWarner is ripping me off.
  • Get my PM certificate. I'm one and a half classes away and registered. What could go wrong?
  • Attend more concerts, shows and cultural events. I'm off to a good start with tickets to see the Foo Fighters (yay!).
  • Knit/Crochet more: There are babies coming who need blankets, cousins who need fuzzy flip-flops and friends who need scarves.
  • Learn to Dance: By popular demand, and because I would like to look better than a cross between Elaine and an epileptic Medusa.
There are a couple of secret goals and resolutions, but I'm not ready to announce them yet. Should I fail miserably, I would prefer to fail miserably without too many people knowing.


Alex the Odd said...

These all sound like worthy goals, good luck with all of them. Especially the reading one: my "to be read" pile is currently 30 books high. That is not hyperbole. I counted. Eeep.

There was an article recently in the Guardian that said women find it easier to keep resolutions if they tell people about them, something about the pressure of failing others or some such bollocks. Still: you should tell us your secrets.... aaaaall your secrets...

Anonymous said...

I know who that young lady is! These sound like really good goals. You and your obsession with the Foo Fighters, I'm glad you're going to see them live. I really hope you learn how to dance because if I see you dancing like an epileptic Medusa...I'll never let you live it down (and I'll probably take pictures of it for proof when you want to deny it).

Anonymous said...

Good goals! Yip, yip!

Casa Amos has been without The Cable for several years with only brief lapses to watch the Farscape movie and World Cup games. In addition to saving us some serious green, we find ourselves actually doing things rather than sitting like slugs through L&O marathons on TNT.

I once was a voracious reader. Then I had a baby. Breastfeeding was a great time for me to read, but those days are gone. Now it takes me forever to get through a novel. Heck, I've got stacks of unread magazines. Sad stuff.

My jealousy of knitting friends knows no bounds. For some reason there is a gap in the bridge between my hands and my brain rendering me incapable of learning how to knit or crochet.

And I fully support secrets. Sometimes keeping something under wraps for a while is a-ok.

Manny said...

I'm with you. I definitely don't read as much as I used to. Keep me posted!

girl with curious hair said...

Alex: Thank you! I have become strange about my reading in recent years, I keep wanting to read the same books I loved when I was younger. And tell all of my secrets? There will be too many skeletons scattered around--trust me.

Anonymous: I'm not obsessed, just enthusiastic. Don't worry, you won't see anything that I will need to deny.

Manda: I think once Cable goes, I will increase my Netflix subscription level. And I too, become mesmerized by L&O marathons.

Manny: Maybe we should start a little SoCal book club.