Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grace in Motion

I have officially had my first and second sports related injuries while training:

As I was buying my running shoes last weekend, I was so excited that I jammed my finger between my heel and the shoe. I bent my weak nail so far back, my finger started bleeding. In shoes I hadn't tried on yet. The look of horror on my face just made the lady next to me laugh, especially because I tried to casually brush it off as a broken nail. It really wasn't that funny. Although, on the way home, I did think it was the kind of thing that would happen to TK--which made it a little less painful.

I tried to swim today. It would have gone better if I hadn't been so enthusiastic. So enthusiastic, that I pushed myself away from the wall with all my force and scraped my chest area along the bottom of the pool. The good news is, my chest area helped me bounce a little and saved my head from hitting the bottom of the pool. The bad news is, I am sore in a place I totally didn't anticipate hurting while swimming.

This may be why I was never the athletic type.


Anonymous said...

Lucky for you, neither of those injuries will affect your running schedule! (unless that was the chest scrapes of all chest scrapes and you are now timing your breathing by watching your heart beat.. but I'm guessing no.)

OUCH on the nail thing! I don't care how hard core you are, that nail stuff freakin' HURTS.

my word scramble: pitnudy.


slouchmonkey said...

Not to be to forward, but how deep was the pool and how big are your #$%!^t's?

Yikes! The fingernail thing give me a funny feeling in the teeth.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Boo: Neither problem interfered with my running schedule. My own inability to run, however...

Slouchmonkey: Ahem. I was afraid someone would ask. The pool was only 3' deep at the end I started. I realized that most people push themselves against the wall and move forward, not down.