Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Runner's Life for Me

I am a new woman.

I am pretty sure I can never tell my mom about my attempts at running a half marathon. If I did, I'd have to confess that Amanda has inspired me to do two things that she could not achieve in 34 years: she couldn't get me to wake up early or exercise with any regularity. And now, thanks to Amanda, I do both. For the past two weeks, I have been waking up between 5-5:15 everyday. Most days, without my alarm going off. Twice a week, I get up, get dressed and go running with my mid-week teams. Other days, I go into work earlier than I ever have so I can leave early and meet the evening running teams. This is my schedule every day, but Sundays, where I sleep in until 7. It is another one of my life's little ironies that I cannot share with my mom this little tidbit that would bring her so much joy.

I have learned however that getting up and driving to a beach trail does not imply a state of awareness. Take this past Monday for example. I got up and drove to the Torrey Pines Lodge, parked my car and greeted my team. We stretched, warmed up and proceeded to run approximately 4 miles in 3-1 intervals (I was able to run 7-2 intervals for most of the way). As we made our way back to the cars, all I could think of was the Cliff Bar in my bag. However, as I approached the car, I realized something didn't look quite right. Perhaps it was the driver's side door that was left wide open, making it easy for any potential car thieves to easily enter and make themselves comfortable. The funny thing is that the doors were locked, just left ajar. I consider it my contribution to the joy of my morning running mates...

On a serious note: I am so overwhelmed and honored by everyone's help and contributions. I appreciate your faith in my abilities and your generosity. I am meeting survivors whose enthusiasm is contagious, volunteers who come to support us and family members who are thanking us for our efforts. It makes early mornings and shin splints trite, and almost anything possible.

With the exception of today's painful run, I am able to run 1.5 miles at a time, but almost 4.5 with intervals. This is a much more realistic goal than my initial plan of running miles at a time. My intervals are increasing (longer runs, same length walks) as is the distance that I'm running. I need to address the shin splints that are the biggest limiting factor right now, but they are getting a little better.

If you have any suggestions to actually be awake in the morning or run/jog more effectively, please share. If you can't believe that I abandoned my open-doored car for an hour on a holiday morning, I have a bunch of witnesses who are probably still laughing at me. And seriously, why would I make this up?


Alex the Odd said...

You are a far better woman than I. I periodically attempt to learn to run but I just can not do it. I am physically incapable and I think it's probably genetic. Kudos to you. Seriously.

Ms. Mix & Bitch said...

I am bathing in velvet envy right now...because I currently don't have that "thing" to wake me up and actually sweat on purpose.

Good for you - I vicariously live through your efforts ;-)

Oh and BTW, whatsa girl gotta do to get on your blogroll?

Anonymous said...

All I know about from my brief stint of training is the breathing technique: Breath in for three steps, out for two (or whatever length of time you need; just make sure the out breath comes out faster, and the in breath in steady throughout). That, and I have an amazing stretch for shin splints, but it is incredibly hard to describe and I would have to demonstrate, anyway.

Man, you are dedicated, girl! Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't even inspire my own lazy butt to go running that early.

Keep on truckin', girlie. I am running vicariously through you. I miss the pavement underneath my shoes so back it aches.

Really hope the stars align so I can be there for the big day.

Anonymous said...

that is so great that you are doing this!! im so proud of you! :) if only i had that kind of committment. ha. okay- to get you going in the morning: an awesome song: divine by sebatien tellier. it was france's eurovision song. it is AMAZING.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Alex: Technically, I'm trotting. TNT is generous and lets me get away with it.

Ms. Mix: You're already there. A little late, but there.

Boo: They taught your breathing technique at our Form Clinic. Now if I could only run, count and breathe at the same time.

Manda: I am solooking forward to seeing you when I cross the finish line.

Ex: I like it! I listen to it with my morning coffee. Thank you!