Saturday, May 3, 2008

"That Is My Patriotism"

How can people say Obama isn't patriotic? He recognizes the great potential we have as a nation, he knows this isn't a popularity contest and he says he wants to continue a tradition of standing up for the little guy that helped get him where he is. Plus, he knows how to speak. Well.

To paraphrase him, this campaign is about you--and your values. Do you want a military man who does not support the troops getting the benefits they have been been promised, but boasts his military credibility; a candidate who stoops to the lowest form of pandering regardless of its consequences or do you want a man who will admit he is not perfect, but that he will try his best to live up to what we can be as a nation? What are your values?


Anonymous said...

YAY for my home state giving him a win!! Just another reason to love The Tarheel State.

Barack and Roll!!!

H said...

For once, I see a politician who isn’t talking crap and like a frat boy! How inspiring to see leadership!