Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • I finished my PM Certificate program tonight. I'm pretty sure I never want to take another class again. At least for another couple of months. Does anyone need a delightful project manager?
  • I had every intention of running after my class, but after eating dinner and changing, I lost steam. Which means I will be up at 6, ready to run.
  • I may soon lose my secret identity--which freaks me out just a little. I thoroughly enjoy hiding behind this curtain of anonymity. But if I reveal my identity, it will be for a great cause.
  • During the past week I have spoken to a co-worker who makes me laugh so loud, that I have to scuttle to one of the empty offices with my cell phone to save face. Thank goodness for brilliant people.
  • An old friend who I had semi-lost touch with just got married. I never thought I would see him look that happy. Which means, I am very, very happy for him (and his new wife).
  • I had forgotten how much I enjoyed crocheting--something I will have much more time to do now that I don't have my class project hanging over my head.

Did I mention that my class is over? Weeeeeee.


Alex the Odd said...

Wheee! That feeling where you get home and sit down and have nothing hanging over you is the best feeling you can ever get.

I'm going to miss it so freaking much.

Congrats on finishing!

Anonymous said...

Go you!

I am jealous of your crocheting abilities.

Anonymous said...

congrats Girl!! yay yay yay for you.

Now, take advantage of not running tonight and have a nice, cold raspberry margarita. With a little cayenne pepper sprinkled in. Trust this. It is AMAZING, and a good reason to not run. :)

Cry Me Life said...

I'm happy that you're happy you finished your class. You seem excited, no?? You losing your secret identity...BIG step...I hope it is for something good. Looks like everything is going great!!! :)

Anonymous said...

woohoo!! finishing the class! oh man, i am really excited to see why you are losing your secret identity! it must be for something huge. :) which my mind is racing trying to think of things.