Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dodge-y Commercials

Due to the fact that I don't know anything about football, I don't watch the Super Bowl--which means I may be one of the last people in America to hear about the annual controversies. The Janey Jackson thing? I heard about it three days later from an old co-worker who was just a little too excited that many days after the show. Calm down, Grandpa! It was just a woman.

That's why this year, I had no idea about the Dodge commercial that may have been offensive or just plain stupid, but still managed to inspire a video response. I had to watch it on YouTube when some friends had posted the women's response.

My first reaction was that of annoyance. I mean, really? Walking your dog and eating fruit for your own well being needs a reward? Is carrying lip balm in your pocket is that much of a burden? Or perhaps, holding down a job is so difficult that you need a car that goes vroom vroom to make you feel better about your life (and if so, will a car actually make you feel better)? The implication being that men suffer so because of the women in their lives. Which makes one wonder, why the hell do they stick around to live life as soulless zombies? Are they masochists or just passive-aggressive?

But the more I thought about it, the more I was offended. For my male friends. Most of the men I know are responsible, work hard and enjoy the company of their companions. Sure they have their toys and make fun of our love of jewelery or shoes, but they're not whiners. I come from a family of men who had plenty of faults, but whining about waking up at 6:30 was not one of them. (Actually, both my grandfathers always woke up before four every morning to go to work; did manual labor for more than fourteen hours a day; each raised five children and worked into their 60s. I'm pretty sure I never heard either of them complain about eating fruit with their breakfast.) So I'm left to wonder, what do men think about the commercial? Do you really resent your partners so much? Is your only refuge your attention getting car? Or do you find it insulting to be called entitled man-children whose only escape in life is expensive toys?

Now, in the interest of fairness, I'll link/post the response to the original commercial, which addresses the original as a bunch of annoying children. Quite appropriate:


TK said...

God, no. I watched the SB in a room full of guys, and after that commercial the general consensus was that it was one of the stupidest things we'd ever seen.

But you're right, it's more than stupid. It's obnoxious and pretty offensive to both men and women, as if to say that the only thing that gets us through the wretched days spent dealing with a woman's idiosyncrasies is having some toys. As if a great big car is somehow "owed" to us for putting up with women.

It's idiotic. If a man is really thinking that way, he not only shouldn't be in a relationship with anyone, he should also probably get his damn head examined.

I just bought a new car. And it's a pretty nice car. But I didn't buy it as some sort of revenge reward for having to listen to my wife talk. I bought it because my old car crapped the bed and we... WE... collectively decided that it was time to stop buying junky used cars that only last a couple years, and get something reliable that I'd be happy and comfortable in, since I spend about 3 hours a day in it. Because, oh, by the way Dodge: Don't act like it's not going to involve her money - my wife makes more than me, but it's all ours.

Jackasses. This is why I bought a Nissan.

See, you got me all worked up which makes me long-winded. Sorry.

lordhelmet said...

You both got it right. That ad turned me off Dodge for life (which is ok with me, since I don't buy crappy cars anyway). Lord knows there's enough legitimate grievances among and between the genders - do we really need to inflate these petty examples for the sake of some shitty car? I'd actually give failing marks to both the original and the response. Something that moronic shouldn't be dignified with a response. Sadly, American entertainment and advertising seem to be racing the politicians into the realm of Idiocracy. I feel sorry for the souls who delight in such stupidity, but not so sorry that I won't smirk when they never get laid again.

Now I'm all riled up. I need some hockey before I stab somebody. How about a column on international sports and the Olympic movement or something, especially as relating to grassroots international diplomacy?

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Clever. However, I personally find the whole thing comical because, regardless of any real or perceived personal affront(s), the public has no problem with (or refuses to acknowledge) the real issue -- the underlying myth that any problem in your life can be easily resolved simply by purchasing something.

P.S. @ TK: Don't you think it's about time you let the missus drive the car at least ONCE before you spill your Sasquatch-juice all over the upholstery?

Girl With Curious Hair said...

TK, this may have been the best comment ever. Also congrats on the new car. I love my Nissan.

I just thought of something else: watching the original ad and the response as a non-American, wouldn't you think we're a miserable population?

Bless you all for being intelligent enough to find such things ridiculous.

Deistbrawler said...

I didn't even watch the commercial/pay attention to it the first time it came on. The entire time I was watching it I kept saying to myself...Is that Dexter doing the voice?

The "Man" commercial was lame, the "Female" commercial had me laughing.