Friday, May 11, 2007

Misery Loves Company

Well, since people are talking about their worst jobs ever, I thought I'd add my two cents, even if it’s not nearly as horrible as anything anyone else has posted.

There was my first job out of college that required me to incubate, dissect and test 3 dozen fertilized eggs twice a week (couldn’t eat eggs for a couple of years) and post my findings on my boss’s porn filled computer. Or a similar job dissecting mice and testing their internal organs (minus the porn filled computer).

But my current favorite past job is when I was working as the non-kitchen staff of a restaurant owned by a family acquaintance. It was not a good situation, considering how everyone hated me and blamed me for the restaurant’s poor performance (no, I wasn’t the manager, or in any way in charge of the running of the business). The high point came when the owner suggested I wear a ‘nice’ dress and stand on the street corner to hand out menus to passers-by. Did I mention the establishment was trying to gain recognition as a high-end restaurant in a slightly low-end neighborhood? I was finally put out of my misery when he fired me while I was at my brother’s wedding. Classy!

So, like I said, not as bad as everyone else's, but just a little ick anyway.

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TK said...

Anything to do with testing and I don't even think about it. And... is it weird that I want an egg sandwich now?