Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Thoughts of an Insomniac

Since I can't sleep, I thought I'd share some very random thoughts:

  • Apparently, this Administration has no shame when it comes to sending people to represent us on the world stage. Stellar 'diplomats' like John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz and Randy Tobias seem to be the best we have to offer. With the World Bank leadership left vacant by Mr. Wolfowitz, and the Administration insisting another American assume leadership, I'm a little worried Donald Rumsfeld or Paul Bremer will be asked to put their experience to good use.
  • If Mexico is too close for a vacation destination, and China is too far--what would the perfect vacation spot for a city mouse be?
  • I am sabotaging my own attempts at anonymity. Considering my lifelong experience of being nearly invisible, being completely anonymous on top of that was too much for me to handle. I'm sure this will come back to bite me, but like a moth to a flame, I cannot help myself.
  • In case anyone thought I unfairly targeted the Muslim or Jewish faiths for having odd followers, I have two words: Jerry Fallwell. And while he is gone, it seems he is not forgotten. I'm not sure what this guy was going to do with five 'napalm' like bombs, but it seems he would never insult the loving memory of Jerry and harm anyone.
  • In the span of the last week, I have watched Children of Men and V for Vendetta and enjoyed them both--despite my reputation for liking period dramas (I don't like them, I love them). Interestingly, Children imagines the collapse of democratic society pushed to chaos with fear used to control people into submission; Vendetta imagines the collapse of democratic society squeezed into a regimented and numb order, with fear used to control people into submission. The media was manipulating and lying to people in both movies. Of course, that would never happen in real life. Let's all get back to watching Bill O'Reilly and Nancy Grace.
  • What is considered a good graduation gift? I have a list of graduates, and no gifts.
All this and a bowl of cereal, and I'm still wide awake!


Manny said...

1. Yes

2. There is no shame in their game.

3. Santa Ana! The best of both worlds. All the small town crime of Mexico, with the poluation of China!

4. I don't think a MySpace profile with a picture of a landscape is too damaging.

5. Fuck 'em if they can't tell the difference.

6. V is a great movie. I'm not big on period dramas. I have enough drama in my house when my fiance is on HER period....hay-o!

7.Beer. And more beer.

girl with curious hair said...

Santa Ana--Brilliant! But does your home not spilleth over with house guests? (Notice how I practically invited myself over).

I take the Fifth on the issue of dramas of any kind.

Beer? Do you not know what can happen with beer around?

Manny said...

Mi casa that I pay waaaay too much rent for es Su casa that I pay waaaaay too much rent for. As long as I approve it with Mrs.

girl with curious hair said...

Well, as long as you're paying rent for mi casa, we're on our way. I will contribute to cooking efforts--although I can't guarantee you'll like it.

And I think congratulations are in order, yes?