Friday, May 11, 2007


I love food. Not in a gourmet, eat out all the time kind of way, necessarily--but I do love food. I love the togetherness it entails, the cultural windows it opens, the love that goes into preparing it. I love expressions like "breaking bread", "sitting at our table" and all the other food related sayings that every culture has promising community and generosity.

Lately, I have developed a craving for fresh bread. Back home, one of the simple luxuries--and favorite errands--was going to get fresh bread every day. Since traditional Iranian breads are flat, it doesn't take more than a few minutes in a blazing stone oven to bake. You stand in line at the bread bakery, tell the baker how many you want (with or without sesame seeds) and a few minutes later you're walking home and stuffing your face with beautiful, fresh bread.

In light of my new craving, and the sudden availability of guilt-free time due to the completion of my graduate project, I have decided to try and bake bread this weekend. And cook. I already cleaned the place last weekend, so I'll be good for another month or so. But I will definately be baking and cooking. I don't know what exactly, but I'll be cooking.

Come on by, there should be plenty of left-overs by Sunday.


Farah Ravon said...

Thank you for taking me back to our local noonvaie (bakery) down our koocheh (alley)....I didn't care how hot the bread was, 9 out of 10 times I'd burn the inside of my mouth--but it was well worth it! ..never the same by the time breakfast was served on the table.....
I wish I was in SD-you know I'd be there today for left-overs...!

girl with curious hair said...

Tell me when you'll be in town and I'll make everything fresh! I don't think the khoresht bademjoon is going to last much longer with M checking and rechecking the fridge.